Half Moon Phase Hare


Hares have long been considered as a sacred animal and are historically linked with the moon. The moon is believed to affect plant growth in its different phases.  I decided to link these ancient beliefs and created my three moon phase hares.  The triple hare is an ancient symbol of the female spirit of nature.

Each hare depicts a different moon phase, as the image of the moon waxes it is surrounded by an increasing amount of plant growth.  If you look carefully, you can see a moon map collaged into the imagery.

The hares are handmade in white earthenware clay and when they are dry I apply detail in copper oxide. They are then fired and glazed after which transfers of the hare’s eye and the central moon decoration are applied.  These transfers are made from my original drawings.

These wall art pieces are can be bought singularly or as a set of 3 and look fabulous arranged as if leaping across a wall.  Each piece is fitted with a n adhesive d-ring so can be hung very simply from a screw or nail in the wall. 


Each hare measures 12cm high x 26cm wide.

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